More renovations lead to less commuter parking


    TCU will soon see more renovations on the east side of campus and this time, they could affect commuter students.

    The parking lot behind Mary Couts Burnett Library will be closed as early as January 2013. Commuter students will need to find an alternate lot to park in.

    Mary Couts Burnett Library will be expanded, and construction could start by the time the spring semester starts, Director of Library Administrative Services James Lutz said. The lot closure is due to preparation for the expansion.

    “It’s going to make the new Louden lot fill up a lot quicker," said Connor Lea, a junior English major who commutes. "It’ll be harder to find a spot."

    It’s not just finding a parking spot that have some students concerned, but more so, their safety.  

    “I will not feel safe if I leave here at 1 o'clock in the morning and there’s not police around and I have to walk far," junior computer information technology major and commuter student Myrella Garcia Urena said. 

    TCU 360 counted 107 parking spaces in the lot behind the library. Ten of those were handicap spaces and eight were reserved, leaving 89 regular spaces for commuter students. 

    “I don’t think it will be a big problem for the safety issues and campus cops around,” commuter student and junior finance major Marcus Drauschke said. “I think it’ll just be worse with the parking. I actually like the idea of expanding the library and having more spots there, or more places to study there.”

    There are currently 15 commuter lots around campus, according to TCU maps. Three of these are relatively close to the library and classrooms, however once the lot behind the library closes, there will only be two. Other east campus commuter lots are at least a street away or further.