Residence halls in Worth Hills, Amon G. Carter Stadium to be without air conditioning


    Residence halls in Worth Hills, in addition to Amon G. Carter Stadium, will be without air conditioning from 7 p.m. Thursday until 8 a.m. on Friday, according to an email from David Mestemaker, assistant director of the physical plant resources department.

    No other areas will be affected. 

    The shutdown will enable the installation of isolation valves for a new chiller plant, and is essential to keeping the sophomore housing project in Worth Hills on schedule, Mestemeker wrote. 

    According to Rex Bell, assistant director of the mechanical systems department, chilled water is used for cooling on campus. 

    “A chiller puts out 42-degree water. Stated as simply as possible, it sends the water to the air handling units in the buildings, through a coil, and then back to the chiller plant,” Bell said. 

    Bell said the new chiller plant will be located off Pond Drive in Worth Hills.