Board of Trustees members listen to Intercom before making tuition decisions


    The Board of Trustees met with Intercom Thursday morning before closing its doors to decide the rate at which tuition will increase for the 2013-14 academic year.

    About 30 people were in attendance Thursday morning, including students, staff and Board of Trustees members from the community. The catered meeting was held at 8 a.m. at the D.J. Kelley Alumni Center.

    Intercom, consisting of members of SGA and other student representatives, made a final statement to the board.

    Student Body President Brent Folan told the board that an increase in tuition often burdens students and their families. 

    “We don’t want to do this, you know,” a member of the board replied.

    Traditionally, the meeting begins on a Thursday in November, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Chancellor Victor Boschini will send out the board’s decision to students and parents by the following Tuesday.


    ´╗┐Some of the topics of discussion at the meeting included:

    • The board recognized the burden of tuition increase, but that it is inevitable.
    • The struggling dynamic between scholarships and tuition increase was also acknowledged by the board.
    • Details on the student memorial commemorating those who have died while enrolled at the university.
    • The board of trustees acknowledged the growing need for more food options on the east side of campus.
    • Newest members of the board include: Michael Wright, Bill Landreth and Jack Lawson.
    • Freshmen residence halls are as much as 110% occupied.
    • Juniors and Seniors are not being accommodated on for on-campus housing.
    • New sophomore housing in Worth Hills will add about 400 beds to campus.
    • Worth Hills construction is projected to be done by finals week.
    • The annual “Light Walk” will be held next Tuesday night, allowing students to tell police and TCU administration where they feel least safe on campus.
    • New grants to the university include: $234,000 for Suicide Prevention from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and a grant from NAACP Choices.
    • Boschini addressed problems of alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders and other mental health problems on campus.
    • Since the beginning of the year, 23 students have been hospitalized for various mental and physical health reasons.
    • There is always a staff member on campus ready to help students experiencing mental or emotional difficulties in their life.
    • Gary Patterson’s donation to the TCU Recovery Support Group, as well as how the program will function to help students deal with problems.
    • Boschini said there is an increase in awareness of programs to help students with alcohol and drug related problems, but still little usage.
    • The idea of “Language Houses” was discussed, providing a place for students to practice certain languages and customs together.
    • TCU is now recognized for being on the President’s Honor Roll for Community Service.
    • The Chancellor’s Leadership Program continues to give students opportunities to become leaders in the Fort Worth community.
    • TCU students Sydney Stanford, Jenn Shinn and Jonathan Davis read their essays from the “This I Believe” program.