KinderFrogs School parents raise awareness through fundraiser tailgate


    Parents from both the KinderFrogs School and Starpoint School paired up to have a fundraiser tailgate to raise money for the school's programs.

     The proceeds of the tailgate before the TCU vs. Kansas State game go towards school activities, supplies and scholarships, Mark Sullivan, KinderFrog parent, said.

    “I feel as though many people pass the school daily, but they don’t know what KinderFrogs are all about.” Mark Sullivan said. “The fundraiser is a way to show them.”

    The fundraiser offered donations in the form of t-shirt and sweatshirt purchases, including baseball shirts, v-necks, crew cuts, sweatshirts, cozies and baseball hats, with the starting price at $10.

    The KTPA came up with the t-shirt and sweatshirt designs and had them custom made by Custom Ink Designs.

    The money will also be used to help gather supplies for the school’s February auction, KinderFrogs Teacher Parent Association member Shannon Baird said.

    By 3 p.m. on game day the fundraiser saw many KinderFrog parents, friends and students and already raised $100 after one hour of sales, Adrienne Sullivan, KinderFrog parent, said.

    She said the KTPA decided to host the tailgate in order to raise awareness while bringing families together on game day.

    Baird said she enjoys KinderFrogs because of the loving and family focused environment it offers her children.