TCU paintball team prepares for weekend tournament


    The paintball team will compete in the University of North Texas open on Saturday at Fort Paintball in Allen.

    The UNT open is a Class AA tournament and requires each team participating to field five players at a time. The Frogs currently have six members on the roster.

    The Frogs are guaranteed to play eight matches, but could play as many as 20 if they continue to advance. Matches typically run 2-3 minutes long.

    The Frogs' quickest victory on record is 50 seconds.

    If games last longer than five minutes, it means people are sitting and waiting instead of making moves, club president Hunter Kosmala said.

    Last year the Frogs were ranked No. 5 in the nation out of 98 teams.

    The style of the matches in the tournament will be center flag. This style of play requires a single flag to be placed in the middle of the field. The goal is to capture the flag and run it toward the opposing team's base without being shot.

    In addition to playing best 2-out-of-3, teams are awarded points for the number of kills, capturing the flag and how quickly matches are completed.  These points, known as swing points, are used to determine the outcome of matches that result in ties.

    The Frogs' first match will begin at 7:30 a.m. Saturday.