Yo! closes, Cold Stone Creamery to replace it


    Yo! Frozen Yogurt Lounge announced its upcoming closure over the weekend after three years of fro-yo service to the TCU community. 

    The owners of Yo! decided to get out of the business after large revenue losses during the summer months. 

    General manager Laura Hughes said the construction along Berry Street, lack of parking and low sales put the business in a financial hole from which they could not rebound.

    “It got to the point that the owners were paying out of pocket to keep it running,” Hughes said.

    Eventually, the owners could not afford to keep the business afloat.

    Before the close, Yo! had incorporated several daily promotions, such as Moustache Mondays, T-Shirt Tuesdays and coffees and espressos into their menus, Hughes said.

    Yo! created its signature YO!puccino, a mix of yogurt and espresso, which was Yo!’s biggest seller. Despite its creative efforts, the business' revenue was less than half as much as it was last year, Hughes said.  

    Employee Kristen Norman started working at Yo! in August and she said she will miss working at Yo! and trying the flavors.

    Originally from North Carolina, Norman moved to Fort Worth to work in the Texas wild mammal keeper of the zoo. Shortly after, she was introduced to fro-yo through her coworkers.

    “I’ve always worked with animals, so this was my first people job,” Norman said.

    She said she would miss working with her friends, the flexible work schedule of a small business and the red velvet yogurt. 

    Paige Michel, a sophomore sociology major, said she would miss the friendly atmosphere of Yo! along with her favorite flavors, Thin Mints and chocolate. She said she visited Yo! often and even had her surprise birthday party there last year.

    When all leasing paperwork is complete, Cold Stone Creamery will move into Yo!’s space between The Pub and The Box.

    Jessica Poelman, a sophomore business major, said she was looking forward to Cold Stone’s arrival to the TCU neighborhood.

    “Cold Stone is my favorite, so obviously I’m excited,” she said.