Student Activities offers holidays T-shirt for sale


    Student Activities is promoting and offering the “Holidays at TCU” long sleeved t-shirt exclusively online for $15.

    The holiday shirts will be available in two different colors and prints: purple or gray with a Christmas tree or snowflake on the back.

    The design of the shirts has been sent out via email and is on the What2Do@TCU Facebook page.

    Brad Thompson, Student Activities Marketing Coordinator, said last year an artist from Scarborough Specialties company designed the shirt. This year, they changed it up a bit and added the snowflake design from graphic artist Tessa Howell, he said.

    Tony Tran, another graphic artist from Scarborough Specialties, said Howell is now based in Austria. There are five artists in the company: Four are local and one is always based overseas.

    Tran said the artists get feedback from the organization they are working with and come up with ideas based off what they want. The process is very basic, but a lot of time and effort goes into making the shirts and designs perfect, he said.

    “Howell is very talented and comes up with many nifty ideas,” Tran said.

    The shirts are being pre-ordered because last year Student Activities sold 1,200 holiday shirts and 1,600 Homecoming shirts were sold this year, Thompson said. 

    Pre-ordering ends on Nov. 26 and the actual sale of extra shirts will take place on Nov. 28.

    Four years ago Thompson said that they only ordered about 500 shirts.  Currently, 1,600 shirts have been sold and 2,000 have been ordered.

    “This is no cost to Student Activities," Thompson said. "Extra money that is earned from the holiday shirts will go toward new programs in the department.” 

    Delaney Owen, a first-year pre-major, said she originally saw some people wearing the “Merry Christmas Y’all” shirts from the bookstore around campus and immediately wanted one.

    Owen's mother looked into the shirts online and found the new holiday shirts.  Owen and her mother decided to purchase shirts with the new design that Thompson helped create with Scarborough Specialties.

    “I really wanted one because they not only show Christmas spirit, but also TCU Spirit,” Owen said.