Patterson on coaching opportunities: “I’ve been at TCU, I love this one”


    With Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee, and a slew of other head coaching positions open, including a rumored potential opening at the University of Texas, the name of TCU head football coach Gary Patterson has been floating around as a potential “leading candidate” to take one of the newly-opened positions.

    On Tuesday, Patterson answered the question on what he thinks about the rumors.

    “It’s the same answer I give to Bob Stoops,” Patterson said. “I’ve been at TCU, I love this one. Right now, I’m trying to beat Oklahoma.”

    Here are some more quotes and highlights from Patterson’s weekly press conference:

    On bowl projections
    Patterson said the outcome of Saturday’s game could have conference consequences for bowl games.

    “We hurt ourselves one way or another on that,” he said. “I think the thing is that if you win one more, you tie with anyone who has a chance to go to the Cotton Bowl. If we find a way to beat Oklahoma, they probably go to the Cotton Bowl.”

    If Oklahoma defeats TCU, the Sooners will likely go to the Sugar Bowl to play against Florida for a BCS game. If TCU pulls off the upset, the Sooners will fall out of BCS play, which would likely send the team to the Cotton Bowl.

    Because the Sooners would fall from their BCS ranking, Big 12 tie-in bowls could see a shakeup in potential selections.

    Patterson addressed bowl games in his press conference, but he did not say what his specific bowl preference was.

    “We’ve never had a bad bowl game,” he said. “I’d say the Holiday Bowl is good group, since we’ve been there. We have a lot of friends in Phoenix and friends in Houston. Maybe the Alamo Bowl is the other one we want and have an opportunity for if we go 8-4.”

    Healthiness is key in prepping for Oklahoma
    Patterson said the health of his team has been improving thanks to adjustments in practice routines.

    "I cut practices back a few times because I thought we were a tired team," Patterson said.

    Patterson also said injuries were still a factor playing against the Texas Longhorns.

    “I felt we needed more preparation for against Texas,” he said. “We didn’t practice that Tuesday because we were still banged up. Trevone Boykin likely wouldn’t have been able to practice that day anyway. He only threw a little on Wednesday and probably didn’t throw until last Sunday.”

    Trevone Boykin left a portion of the Kansas State game with an undisclosed shoulder injury. He returned to play again in that game, and started against Texas. Boykin attempted just nine passes on Thanksgiving night against the Longhorns.

    Patterson says he has given his players a few days off to rest and recover from assorted injuries. With the added rest, players are getting back into top playing form.

    “We are probably as healthy now as we have been in the last five weeks,” Patterson said. “And we didn’t get too banged up last week.”

    He said running back Matthew Tucker “was almost back to full speed” against Texas and continues to improve his health.

    Superstitions at home
    Patterson said he was not pleased his team has not won a conference game at home so far this year. In his career, Patterson has never played a complete season without winning at least one home conference game.

    “We have one more chance,” Patterson said. “It bothers me. Losing bothers me, period.”

    Somewhat in jest, Patterson said he may ask for home game atmosphere changes for luck.

    “You know, I’m superstitious,” he said. “This year, we’ve had the Frog Walk for the first year ever. We may cut that out. I’ve told them that if I need to, I’ll move my team to the student side. If I could change uniforms for the season, I may request I change it to all white at home.”

    Regardless of superstition, Patterson said losing at home is unacceptable.

    “If you want to win championships, you have to be able to win at home,” he said.