Football season ticket holders optimistic for program’s Big 12 future


    Many TCU football season ticket owners said they are excited for the future of the TCU program and were happy with the conference change this season.

    The ticket owners said they were happy with the changes in the program that have occurred over the years, citing the new stadium and TCU’s placement in the Big 12 conference as milestones for the program.
    “It’s changed quite a bit, but for the better, I think," seven-year season ticket owner James Haley said. "Obviously, the Big 12 is going to be great since we have such a big group of freshmen that are getting more and more experience,” he said.
    Those changes, including a new schedule with bigger opponents, are a big draw for many of the season ticket owners.
    “It’s been nice playing teams that are closer to Ft. Worth and that have more local interest in opposing teams- that fills up the stadium a lot more,” seven-year season ticket owner Jim Shelton said.
    However, other avid TCU fans said they missed the days of old when TCU wasn’t so big and every game didn’t come with national coverage.
    “I feel like we’re almost becoming too big," TCU alumna and three-year season ticket holder Bethanne Chimbel said. "I kind of miss the old days. It’s almost like we’ve lost the small-town feel," she said.
    The Horned Frogs finished their inaugural season in the Big 12 with a record of 7-5, ending with Friday’s 24-17 loss to the University of Oklahoma.
    Next season is sure to bring more season ticket owners looking to show their Horned Frog pride.