New organization seeks to improve cohesiveness on campus


    A new student organization for campus leaders officially met for the first time Monday night to discuss communication among all groups on campus.

    The Council of Student Leaders, a group composed of leaders and representatives from various student organizations, seeks to build a community of mutual support and cooperation between organizations. 

    Its founders, seniors Jordan Mazurek and Jonathan Davis and junior Miles Davison said that its purpose is much different from another organization that claims to do the exact same thing—Intercom.

    We’re more worried about the individual functions of each organization and how better they can be served in the broader TCU community,” Davison, the social action chair, said.

    Davis, Davison and Mazurek got the idea to start the Council of Student Leaders after they noticed a “lack of cohesiveness” between organizations on campus, according to Davis.

    “The way we got started was through a lot of grassroots efforts and talking to organizations trying to see what their problems were, and it just grew from there,” Davis said.

    The council’s mission is "to connect, represent and empower all willing organizations and students on campus in an effort to better the TCU community as an independent, interconnected union of students," according to Davis, who serves as the council’s speaker.

    That mission will be carried out by building strong interpersonal relationships among the organizations, Davis said.

    The council established its own committees at the meeting, implementing a Coalition Committee, Logistics Committee, Outreach Committee, Public Relations Committee and Social Action Committee. 

    Sixteen people from various organizations attended Monday night’s meeting.

    The group’s fourteen registered organizations include Beyond Borders, Catholic Community, Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Eta Iota Sigma Sorority, International Student Association, NAACP, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, The Sociological Society, TCU Yearbook, To Write Love on Her Arms and the Transfer Student Organization.

    “We don’t represent everybody, but everybody who wants to get represented gets represented,” Council Public Relations Chair Varun Pramanik said. “Any organization or individual that wants to be a member of CSL can be a member of CSL.”

    The group has no hierarchical leadership structure, holds no judiciary power and does not wish to speak for the student body—they feel that is the Student Government Association's job, Davison said.

    We’re more worried about the individual functions of each organization and how better they can be served in the broader TCU community,” Davison said.

    The council’s founders also stressed that they want to fully cooperate with SGA. 

    “We are in no way anti-SGA or anything like that,” Davison said.

    “We’re here to open up the lines of communication,” Council Logistics Chair Sandy Jacquez added.

    The council will have monthly meetings for students and organization representatives. Committee meetings will be held bi-weekly.