Senior auditions for Amazing Race with mother


    Some graduating seniors ask for an iPad, a new car or even a trip to Europe, but Cassie Miller Torrecillas is hoping to be a part of the Amazing Race 2013 competition.

    Torrecillas, a senior strategic communications major, is hoping to go on this challenge with her mom, Sandra Miller.

    “We both have a bucket list and we share it," Miller said. "This is something we talked about, and (we) are big advocates. Sometimes we giggle at the fact that we would be better than the other teammates on previous seasons.”

    Torrecillas said she used to watch the show all the time, and now that she is 21 and allowed to be a part of the competition, she and her mom started the application process for the CBS show. 

    The application was a series of documents online, with a video that must be uploaded on YouTube, she said. 

    The duo created a YouTube video for friends, family and any other audience members to view.

    Torrecillas also created a Facebook page and will use Twitter to tweet to celebrities and back up the mother-daughter duo they named TeamCassieSandra. 

    University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Los Angeles Fox Sports sportscaster Jillian Barberie are among celebrities who have re-tweeted Torrecillas.

    Torrecillas’ roommate, Grecia Garza, a senior neuroscience major, said the two have been best friends since their first year at TCU.

    “I know the dynamic between her and her mom — they have a good [relationship]," Garza said. "They are opposites, but work really well together. Since she had a single mom, they have so much fun together, but keep each other grounded."

    The mother-daughter duo both said they hope to be a part of this journey because it will strengthen their already strong bond. 

    “This challenge is parallel from our personal journey," Miller said. "We have gone through many ups and downs together and this would be something else to help each other appreciate one another even more."

    The Amazing Race 2013 will begin filming May 2013 in an unknown location. The mother-daughter duo has not yet heard back about their participation in the show.