Faculty Favorite Lecture Series begins Wednesday


    The Faculty Favorite Lecture Series will kick off tonight with Manochehr Dorraj's presentation, "Arab Spring and Its Aftermath: Where Do We Go From Here?"

    As a TCU political science professor in the AddRan College of Liberal Arts who specializes in international relations and comparative politics, Dorraj is considered an expert in international affairs.

    The term "Arab Spring" is often credited to Marc Lynch, associate professor of political science and international affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington D.C. The term refers to the uprisings and protests that have challenged and in some cases forced out of power repressive regimes in North Africa and the Middle East since 2010.

    When approached by lecture series organizers to hold a presentation, Dorraj said he chose this topic because he believes it is an important issue that currently impacts people both regionally and globally.

    TCU Extended Education's Faculty Favorite Lecture Series gives selected TCU professors an opportunity to speak on topics of their choice. It serves to connect the community with the TCU faculty, furthering Extended Education’s goal of providing people from the outside community with personal and professional opportunities to enhance their lives.

    Julie Lovett, assistant director of extended education, said that the courses are set up to better acquaint the community with what TCU has to offer academically.

    Dorraj said he sees the series as a good teaching moment and a great way to stay active in the community.

    The Faculty Favorite Lecture Series is open to the general public, but reservations are required. TCU faculty, staff and students can attend free of charge, while non-TCU attendees have to pay a $10 fee.

    The series will continue on Feb. 20 with “Religion Beyond the Religious: The Ballpark, the Stadium and the Alamo” presented by Santiago Piñón, assistant professor of the TCU Religion Department. The series will conclude on Mar. 20 with the topic “Beef From the Other Side of the Fence” by Chris Farley, assistant director of the TCU Ranch Management Program.

    WHAT: “Arab Spring and Its Aftermath: Where Do We Go From Here?” by Manochehr Dorraj

    WHEN: Wed., Jan. 23, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

    WHERE: Palko Building, Room 130