New IFC adviser is all about collaboration


    When Molly Devine was asked about herself, she immediately diverted the attention to the students with whom she works on the Interfraternity Council at TCU.

    Devine joined the university as the new program coordinator and IFC adviser at the end of July 2012. Devine's job entails advising the men's fraternities at the university, and she serves as a liaison between the fraternity chapters and the university.

    “I was very fortunate to have some really awesome student affairs mentors when I was an undergrad, and that really made me want to work in student affairs,” Devine said.

    The first action Devine took as a new coordinator was separately taking the president and council members of IFC out to lunch. Devine's job is not about being in the spotlight. She said she is here for the students with whom she has started to build relationships and the progress they hope to make in IFC this semester.

    Current IFC president Jason Powell said, "Molly has been the flashlight guiding the way for not only me but others, as well. She definitely has a passion for helping students reach their potential as leaders on campus."

    Devine said that IFC student leaders have a great opportunity to lead a large community and have an important impact on this campus. She said her role is “to advise, to provide support, to provide learning outcomes and educational opportunities. That is what I am here for.”

    Devine said one of IFC's major goals this semester is to collaborate across councils so that the fraternity and sorority community can become cohesive. She said IFC is “really trying to build relationships through the new Collaborative Greek Alliance.”

    Devine said Powell is doing a fantastic job with building new relationships.

    Jared Crowley, junior IFC vice president of public relations, said he agreed.

    "[Powell] is the first president of IFC that I remember who has taken a proactive role,” he said.

    Crowley said the new president is striving to improve the image of Greek life. Powell is going to collaborate with the Greek community to make IFC a venue for communication with administration and other chapters as well, Crowley said.

    Devine said she admires the students for being focused on the future of IFC and Greek life as a whole. She said she is looking forward to the new semester as she continues to mentor and support her team.