John V. Roach Honors College reveals new logo


    In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the John V. Roach Honors College has revealed a modified logo.

    The logo was first published on the Facebook page last week and will be used for the 2013-2014 calendar year.

    Lauren Nixon, the Honors College coordinator, said the decision to create the logo was a staff decision. All members agreed that including the original Honors College crest in the new logo was vital.

    “Our crest is almost completely intact,” Nixon said. “We added the ring to the original crest as a way of honoring the 50 years.”

    Ron Pitcock, director of prestigious scholarships at the Honors College, was among the many staff members that helped make the decision but said his idea sparked the design for the final product.

    “Some of my favorite logos in the past feature a Scottish Belt that surrounds the logo, and that idea led to the ring,” Pitcock said.

    Bradley Ball, president of Ardent Creative, was chosen to design the new look for the Honors College logo. Nixon said Ball created the original crest, so selecting him to redesign the logo was the logical decision.

    “I wanted to create something that complimented the logo, not get rid of it,” Ball said. “It had to be something that followed the look of TCU and reflected the original crest.”

    Nixon said although the Honors College logo has received a new look, it still represents both the tradition and uniqueness of the Honors College.

    “The crest itself is very traditional and represents current experiences that are very much like they were in the '60s,” said Nixon. “But the ring and the font within the ring are very modern.”

    The John V. Roach Honors College will continue celebrations of their 50th anniversary with a revamped Honors Week Program, which takes place from April 15-19. Details and more information will be available soon on its website.