Leadership Center seeks help from students


    Now that it has a new staff in place, the TCU Leadership Center is looking for a team of students to evaluate its programs.

    “Our staffing has had a 100 percent change since the spring, so this is a good time for us to look at and think about what is it we’re doing, how are we doing it, and could we be doing it differently or better,” Carol Clyde, director of the Leadership Center, said.

    The Leadership Center provides students with opportunities meant to help them gain leadership skills. Programs include the Leadership Scholar Program, the State of Leadership Conference and the Chancellor’s Leadership Program, Clyde said.

    The team of student evaluators will meet weekly to discuss improvement strategies that the Leadership Center could implement in its programs, she said.

    “Because we have some new folks in the Leadership Center and some new energy, we just want to figure out how we can best serve the campus,” Ebony Rose, assistant director of the Leadership Center, said. “We really want to hear from members of the campus community on what they’re looking for so that we can feel confident in the programming we put out there.”

    Gifton Milburn, a sophomore Spanish major and connections mentor, said the Leadership Center provides opportunities to better your leadership skills.

    “I definitely think that the Leadership Center does everything in its ability to bring out the best out of the students at TCU through the many programs that they try to put together,” he said.

    Junior movement science major Maribel Lomeli said the Leadership Center would be more effective if they advertised more because more students would know about its programs.

    Clyde said the Leadership Center has a lot of potential, and she wants it to be the one that other leadership centers “benchmark.”

    Anyone interested in joining the Leadership Center Mobilization Team can find the application here or can visit the Leadership Center on the second floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union in Student Development Services.