Generation Hope Laptop Program students visit TCU


    Over 200 middle school students involved in the after-school organization Generation Hope Laptop Program visited TCU Saturday afternoon to encourage college readiness. 

    Eighth-grade students from various schools across Tarrant County participated in an interactive event-based campus tour of TCU’s College of Science and Engineering, University Recreation Center and Milton Daniel Residence Hall, among others. Sixth and seventh-grade students underwent a Microsoft Office certification program with the Neeley Business School. 

    Many TCU students led the programs and tours for the middle schoolers. 

    Junior marketing and finance double major Brianna McKay said she enjoyed teaching the sixth- and seventh-graders the ins and outs of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

    “I think what’s so great about this program is that they’re teaching these kids valuable skills that they can continue to use throughout their entire lives,” McKay said. “These skills are ones that we sometimes take for granted, while these kids don’t necessarily have the means to be able to do those things.” 

    Junior communication studies major Ashley Robbins said she got involved with Generation Hope Laptop Program in order to give kids the opportunities that she had while growing up. 

    “I think it’s a cool program because it gives kids opportunities to further their education and gives them a better chance to go to college,” Robbins said. 

    Gregory Johnson, a seventh grader at Young Men’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth, got involved with the program this year. He said he hopes to one day become a game designer and movie producer. 

    “I’m very excited to be involved with Generation Hope,” Johnson said. “At first, it was just about the laptops, but now I’m here to expand my knowledge of science, engineering and math.” 

    The Generation Hope Laptop Program is a private, Fort Worth-based after-school non-profit that educates economically disadvantaged students about science, engineering, technology and math. 

    According to senior political science major Jonathan Davis, Generation Hope Laptop Program coordinator, the goal of the program is to eliminate the high school dropout rate by not only helping kids excel in the classroom but also in life by encouraging students to pursue their career goals. 

    To learn more about the Generation Hope Laptop Program, check out their website at