Brite Divinity School holds cross-cultural ministry luncheon


    The Brite Center for Latino/a Church Studies held a community conversation and luncheon called “The Language of Cross – Cultural Ministry” Tuesday to discuss the importance of cross-cultural ministry and to present the schedule of upcoming events in the program.

    The Rev. Luis C. Bernard, director of the Brite Center for Latino/a Church Studies within the Brite Divinity School at TCU, led the event.

    Bernard said there needs to be a greater emphasis in ministry not only attracting Latinos to church but more importantly understanding and integrating them into the church community.

    Bernard said he is hoping to ensure that practitioners of ministry are able to effectively engage and lead these culturally diverse communities of faith.

    Anna Troy, a second-year graduate student in the Brite Divinity School, attended the event. She said the subject of cross-cultural ministries is important and relevant to her because she works with Spanish speakers at the First Street Methodist Mission in downtown Fort Worth.

    Jonathan Brink, the moderator for the Brite Student Association, said he believes that cross-cultural ministries are important in Texas at the local level because of its connection to immigration and the proximity to the border.

    With the Pew Research Center reporting more than 1.7 million Latino people living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as of 2010, Bernard said there is a growing demand among ministers to learn how to effectively minister towards Latinos.

    “As cultures continue to integrate with each other, we need to be aware of the cultural diversities we have and know how to communicate better with each other,” Brink said.

    "The Language of Cross – Cultural Ministry" was the first in a series of events that the Brite Center for Latino/a Church Studies plans on presenting this year.

    The Spanish for Ministry program is the next set of events sponsored by the Brite Center for Latino/a Church Studies. Bernard will lead eight seminars outlining the necessary course of action to effectively include and minister to the Latino community.

    Bernard said he envisions this program serving as a short-term mission work within the Fort Worth community. He said these seminars would provide practical applications and ministry skills to teach ministers how to handle certain situations.

    The seminars will take place Mondays at 2 p.m. and Thursdays at 11 a.m. starting Feb. 4.

    They are free for all Brite students, faculty and staff, but registration is required.

    To register for the Spanish for Ministry seminars contact the Rev. Bernard at [email protected].