Department of sociology and anthropology screens award-winning documentary


    TCU's department of sociology and anthropology held a screening of the documentary "Which Way Home" as the first event of their Sustainability and Social Justice Event Series Thursday in Palko Hall.

    “'Which Way Home' is a documentary film about young youth or young children probably ages 12 and 15 years old who have chosen to migrate from parts of Central America into Mexico to the United States," David Sandell, assistant professor of anthropology, said.

    The documentary followed several unaccompanied minors as they traveled on a dangerous freight train in hopes of reaching the United States. It depicted interviews of the children giving accounts of different parts of their journey.

    According to Sandell, about 60 students were in attendance to watch the film.

    Sophomore engineering major Raul Salas said he found the film very powerful in that it showed the risk and hardships one goes through to get to the United States where they envision a better life.

    "They envision something great. Like getting here they will be successful. It's something that is in the mind of many people," Salas said, "when in reality they have no idea the hardships they will go through. Getting here is not even half of it."

    Similar sentiments were shared by sophomore music performance major Ginny Triana. Triana said she thought the film was impressive but found the situations hard to understand because she could not imagine being in the place of the young children shown in the film.

    "Which Way Home" was nominated for an Academy Award under the category of Best Feature Documentary in 2010 and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Programming in 2010.

    The screening of "Which Way Home" was the first of a three part event series that the sociology and anthropology department is holding. Next will be a screening of the film "Urban Roots" on April 2.

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