Alumnus helps create Super Bowl ad


    TCU alumnus Ryan Redus helped create the "God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl commercial.

    Redus, a 2007 graduate, is a brand management professional at Dallas-based branding and advertising agency The Richards Group .

    He worked on a team of about seven people to create and produce the widely-praised ad for RAM pickup trucks, according to TCU Magazine.

    Redus told TCU Magazine it was a team effort and that The Richards Group was "all smiles" come game day.

    "We knew it would be a big one, and our goal is to be catalyst for a movement," he told them. "We want 2013 to be the year of the farmer."

    Redus' job included preliminary planning and coordinating with partner agencies to develop the strategy behind the spot, guard its secrecy, launch it and aid in the virality of the commercial once it aired, according to the article.

    The spot, which ran during the fourth quarter of the game, sounded the 1978 recording of famed radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s "So God Made a Farmer" speech.

    TCU Magazine reports Chrysler commissioned 10 photographers to take the images displayed in the spot.

    Among them was renowned photographer William Albert Allard of National Geographic and documentary photographer Kurt Markus.

    However, Redus told TCU 360 that a recent controversy between the photographers and Chrysler Public Relations will not currently allow him to talk about the ad.

    The photographers are not the only group upset with Chrysler. Latino rights group Cuéntame made a rebuttal ad showcasing pictures of minority farm workers.

    Cuéntame founder Axel Caballero told HuffPost Live the pictures in the original ad do not accurately display the reality of farmers and farming in America.

    Caballero told them he hopes Dodge and other brands look to their ad agencies for a more accurately portrayed America in the future.

    Despite this, the ad still pulled significant popularity. The USA Today ad meter ranked the spot as third most popular, while Fox Sports ranked it second to Budweiser's 'The Brotherhood' ad.