Delta Sigma Theta sorority promotes proper business etiquette


    TCU sorority Delta Sigma Theta had its annual "Peppermint Social," which did not only involve peppermints but also a lesson in proper business attire.

    Music welcomed university students and members of the Iota Eta chapter at 7:13 p.m. on Thursday.

    “[The event] starts at 7:13 because our sorority was founded Jan. 13, 1913,” Rian Worm, a senior strategic communication major, said.

    The event is called "Peppermint Social" because of the sorority’s crimson and crème colors, Patrice Greene, Delta Sigma Theta president, said.

    This year’s "Peppermint Social" theme was centered on proper professional and casual business attire. Members of the group discussed proper heel height, hairstyles, perfume quantities, jewelry and jacket colors.

    The event began with a game for a chance to get to know one another. Each woman walked around with a piece of paper on her back while other women wrote their first impressions on the paper.

    This led to the discussion about how business attire can create a positive or negative first impression during a job interview.

    We want to educate women on how to talk and be professional when they go into interviews or work because first impressions are important, Worm said.

    Laughter filled the room as members of the sorority modeled business attire while group members discussed what is appropriate to wear for business professional and business casual.

    “A lot of people think when you go into an interview, it is OK to just wear a t-shirt, some slacks, your business casual, your business professional; but no, you need to put on a suit,” Christie Holland, junior religion major and Delta Sigma Theta’s corresponding secretary, said.

    Confidence, elevator speeches and pausing instead of saying "um" were some of topics also discussed.

    The "Peppermint Social’ ended with peppermint red velvet cupcakes.