Rec Center offers unique activity to students


    Popcorn, soda, candy and sleeping bags were available to students who attended movie night at the Outdoor Center in the TCU Recreation Center Wednesday.

    Seven students showed up to snuggle in sleeping bags and snack while watching "The Lion King" in a dimly lit climbing wall area.

    “Fifteen students is our max to have ever shown up to movie night,” Ellen Thomas, the Outdoor Center manager, said. “We’re doing our best to market it and try to get more people.”

    The Recreation Center held movie nights seveal years ago but attendance dwindled, Thomas said. Outdoor Center employees decided to hold the once a month activity again at the start of the spring semester.

    Graduate student Gregory Repasky said he has attended every movie night.

    “I come to the wall to climb all the time, and I enjoy getting to sit here and watch movies. And I’m friends with everyone who works here, so it’s fun to hang out,” Repasky said.

    Thomas said the Outdoor Center makes many efforts to get students to come to movie night.

    “It’s in the rec newsletter. We have marketing events for each of them where we send some of our employees out with fliers to try to interest people, and weadvertise on our Facebook page,” she said.

    The idea of a movie night in the recreation center sounded appealing to one student.

    Sophomore nursing major Nichole Silva said she would have gone to the movie nights if she knew about them.

    “I think that I’ll probably go two or three times now,” she said.

    The next movie night will be shown on March 6 from 7 to 9 p.m. The movie will be "Cool Runnings."