National Pan-Hellenic Council continues monthly event filled with tradition


    Enthusiasm and tradition are the two main words that the National Pan-Hellenic Council president used to describe Hump Day.

    At Hump Day, organizations get together and do their traditional strolls, chants and marches, Darius Thompson, the National Pan-Hellenic Council president, said.

    Thompson said Hump Day’s name came from being held on Wednesdays, which is known as the “hump day” of the week. Hump Day is a way for members to showcase their enthusiasm for their organization.

    Marisol Sigala, a senior nursing major and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said Hump Day is a time of celebration for all Greeks in the NPHC to celebrate Greek unity.

    “We do what’s called strolling or stepping, and through music, which is an awesome form of expression, we come together and share our common bonds and goals,” she said.

    Sigala said that there is a slight difference between the strolling and stepping that takes place during Hump Day.

    “Stepping would be the normal using your hands and feet to clap and then strolling would be a specific rhythm to a specific song,” Sigala said.

    Sigala and Thompson both said that each organization distinguishes themselves in different ways when strolling or stepping. Thompson said the differences go back to the traditions the organizations.

    “It’s just a way to show others what organization you’re in. It’s like a fight song or ‘Riff Ram Bah Zoo,’” Thompson said. “Each organization has its own songs and its own little strolls and marches and steps.”

    The organizations’ traditional strolls are shared traditions with chapters at other universities, Thompson said. So if they travel to another school, they can all do the same stroll together.

    “Everybody’s doing it their own way but in rhythm, so everybody’d be on the same beat,” Thompson said. “It’s just another display of unity and us being one team and organization no matter what school we go to or where we’re from.”

    Thompson said Hump Day allows for the NPHC organizations to raise awareness of their presence on campus.

    “We’re very big on tradition in NPHC, and it is just the way we show our enthusiasm for our organization,” Thompson said.

    Thompson said that historically NPHC organizations participate in Hump Day, but it is open to anyone on campus. He said they encourage members from other councils to participate.

    Hump Day is held once a month and the location varies between the Commons and in front of the library.