TCU graduate starts summer storage program


    When Steve Geest was a TCU student, he said he found balancing studying for finals and moving out during the summer to be a challenge.

    “That was something that every year was an issue for me personally. I was trying to coordinate my move out time with the moving companies or trying to get to the facility,” Geest said. “Then my parents would have to pack up my stuff while I went to take my finals.”

    He saw that as an opportunity to start a company that could ease the move out process for students. Geest started creating the company while pursuing a nursing degree. He graduated in December and now works at Baylor All Saints Medical Center.

    He said he uses his four days off each week to get University Packers ready to go for the summer.

    Geest said he has reserved storage units at All Storage and Public Storage. The company will deliver boxes to students in their dorms, take them to the storage unit and return the boxes to students in the fall.

    “Even if you’re in a fraternity or a sorority and you need to come back for work week or something like that, we can deliver that back early for you and also to your apartment, to your house, to your dorm,” he said. “Wherever it is, we can deliver it back to you.”

    Senior chemistry major Abby Moore said she has also found the summer move out process to be challenging. Moore is from Chicago, Ill., so she said she had to find a place to store her belongings every summer.

    “It’s always the problem you have to figure out with your parents,” Moore said. “Talk to them, try to figure out what you are going to do with all your stuff. You don’t know where to put it. You can’t leave it in the dorms. Taking it home is just such big hassle, especially being 15 hours away.”

    She said she used National Self Storage her first summer in college and has not returned since.

    “Once you got up [to the second floor], we were down at the end of the hall, and it was dark,” she said. “It looked sort of like a murder movie or something.”

    The next two summers, she said she shared a unit with a friend at Choice Storage. Moore said Geest’s company sounds like a great idea since it would deal with a lot of problems associated with move out.

    University Packers offers three package deals with different size boxes, Geest said. Students can order boxes online and schedule the drop off and return times.

    “That’s kind of the key to the business is the flexibility during finals week. It’s really on your schedule whenever you want us to come pick up your stuff,” Geest said.

    Moore said she wished the company had been around when she was looking for storage options.

    “I’d definitely see what’s the best for the buck and compare.” Moore said. “If it was reasonable, I probably would do it just to save the hassle from getting all your friends that are guys to help you carry all your stuff and taking it all back and worrying about bugs and sitting in the heat.”

    Students interested in ordering boxes can visit Orders will be accepted through May 3.