Faculty Senate discusses employee benefits


    Concerns were raised about employee benefits at the Faculty Senate meeting Thursday. 

    Chancellor Victor Boschini and Provost Nowell Donovan met with the University Compensation Advisory Committee Wednesday morning. Boschini asked the UCAC to collect information regarding employee benefits from the Faculty Senate and the Staff Assembly.

    The information needed was a list of TCU’s benefits compared to the benefits of peer, aspirant and Big 12 university competitors. 

    “No serious discussion can take place until all of the information is available,” a Senate member said. 

    Ted Legatski, associate professor in the department of management, entrepreneurship and leadership, said he felt out of the loop on the discussion because he did not attend the meeting on Wednesday. 

    Art Busbey, associate professor of geology, said questions were answered, but no specific changes were made.

    “There was no deal cutting or negotiations at the meeting yesterday,” 
    Busbey said. “It was just informational.”

    Senate members pushed for a grandfather clause so that their benefits do not change, but Donovan said he does not like the idea of current faculty being grandfathered in because it would create two classes of faculty and staff. 

    The most expensive benefit program at the university is the retirement program with a $13,380,000 budget per year. Medical Insurance is the second most expensive benefit at $12,570,000 per year.

    A resolution on TCU’s employee benefits was presented to the Senate. The last paragraph read, “The Faculty Senate recommends current employee benefits be reviewed with the most careful and mindful scrutiny, that all benefits be preserved at their current levels, and, if reductions are proposed, that these reductions are brought into the Faculty Senate for discussion before implementation.”

    A formal vote on the resolution may take place at the meeting on April 4.