Witness: Pickens injected with heroin


    The TCU student charged with tampering with physical evidence in the investigation of the death of Thomas “Ty” Boone Pickens IV had injected Pickens with heroin the night before he died, according to Tarrant County court records.

    The affidavit, filed by Fort Worth police, states that a witness told police that on Jan. 28, the night before Pickens died, Brennan Rodriguez, 21, stuck a syringe into Pickens’ arm and injected him with heroin at Pickens’ request.

    Pickens died Jan. 29 from an accidental overdose on morphine and heroin, investigators said in the affidavit they were told by the Medical Examiner’s Office. The Medical Examiner’s website states that the cause and manner of death are pending, and efforts were unsuccessful to contact the spokesperson for the department.

    The warrant and affidavit, which were filed on March 6 in Tarrant County Magistrate’s Court, were released to TCU 360 on Thursday following an open records request.

    Rodriguez, who has been suspended from TCU, was formally charged with tampering with physical evidence on March 8, said Melody McDonald, Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office Public Information Officer.

    According to the affidavit, Andrew Tittle, Rodriguez’s cousin, took Pickens to the hospital at Rodriguez’s request. Tittle is a former university student.

    Pickens died at Baylor All Saints Medical Center at 9:20 a.m. on Jan. 29, according to Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s records.

    Tittle told investigators that Rodriguez hid the drugs and paraphernalia, (spoons, syringes, cotton swabs, heroin, Xanax and brownies containing marijuana), in a maintenance closet across the hall from his apartment. According to the affidavit, he hid evidence before the police searched the apartment and brought it back after the police left.

    Rodriguez signed a written consent to search his apartment, where one syringe and numerous Q-tips with what appeared to be heroin residue were found in the refrigerator in his apartment, according to the affidavit.

    This story was updated on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 7:38 p.m.

    Correction: The warrant and affidavit were released to TCU 360 following an open records request. In a previous version, the documents were released following a freedom of information request.

    Tanner Giles contributed to this story.