Student’s dorm room window used to spread encouraging messages


    Four university students said they decided to make their dorm room window in Samuelson Hall a place to write encouraging messages for students who walk out of Market Square.

    “When we got our room this year in Samuelson, we realized it was in a location where a mass amount of people see it everyday,” Rachel Hilton, a sophomore movement science major, said.

    “We all collaborate together with the ideas,” Hilton said. “We all sit down and just talk about what we want to put on it.”

    Currently, the message on their window reads, “The U.S. flag was designed by a 17-year-old for a school project… He got a B-.”

    “I think the whole point of us drawing on the window is so it brightens up people’s day," Erin Semple, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said.

    Hilton said: "I like encouraging people and making people feel empowered. I know that school can be stressful with classes and clubs. It’s easy to fill up your schedule and feel the need to do better in different areas. I just hope that they look at the window and see the message and it puts a smile on their face and makes them feel good."

    Semple usually draws the pictures and Hilton usually writes the words, Hilton said.

    Previous messages the roommates have written on the window have been: “Smile,” “Blueberry juice improves your memory,” “Think about it…the closer you are to midterms, the closer you are to Christmas,” “Don’t mess with Texas,” “Have a good day,” “Gobble, Gobble, 7 days till Turkey Time,” “It’s a great day to be a Frog” and “Go Frogs.”

    The longest message took about 30-35 minutes to do, Hilton said.

    Hilton said the roommates always check their sources before they write a fact on their window.

    Takyra Morgan, a junior computer information technology major, said she takes pictures of the window and posts the pictures on Instagram.

    “I hope they keep doing it. I like coming out here and looking up at it and seeing something different,” Morgan said.

    The future of the window writing will be up to Rachel next year because she is the owner of the window markers, Semple said.

    “Rachel will probably continue it because she is living in Sherley as a RA [resident assistant],” Semple said.