Female university student reports on-campus assault


    TCU Police issued a crime alert Thursday about an assault that happened on campus Wednesday at approximately 8 p.m. after six high school age males attempted to enter Clark Hall.

    The alert states six high school-aged males were seen in the Tom Brown/Pete Wright commons area. One of the males ran up behind a university student, slapped the student on the thigh, and laughed.

    TCU 360 spoke to the university student about the incident. She said she was about 10 feet away from the door of the Herndon building, nearly under the archway, when the assault happened. She said a male ran up from behind her, slapped her buttocks area, and ran away towards Clark Hall.

    Right after the assault, the student said she saw a second male by the Tom Brown/Pete Wright clock tower laughing and trying to hide.

    At first, she said she thought it was a friend playing a joke on her, but after realizing what was happening, she approached the second male and confronted him about the incident.

    The student described the male who assaulted her as African American, about 16 years old, 5’4” in height with a short buzzed hair cut. She said he was wearing a dark gray zip-up hoodie and black pants with headphones around his neck at the time.

    She said the second male she confronted was also African American and between 14 and 16 years old. She described him with a heavier build and a “fohawk” hair cut. She said he was wearing a light gray pullover hoodie with what appeared to be an Aeropostale design.

    Upon confrontation, the student said the males claimed to have been waiting to meet a friend, and denied slapping her.

    “This is something that should not be tolerated,” the student said. “It’s very obvious that since they were younger, it was a joke. It wasn’t anything life threatening. It wasn’t anything very serious, but it is still considered assault. I was hit by another person – an unwanted contact.”

    There have been reports of previous thefts of iPhones and other items by persons not affiliated with the university.

    TCU Police and the student urged students to report any suspicious persons and criminal activity on campus. TCU Police say students should not allow unknown individuals into residence halls and should call and report this to the TCU Police immediately.

    This story was updated on April 4, 2013 at 9:33 p.m.