SGA budget leaves $101,900 unused


    After extended debate Tuesday, Student Government Association members dropped the idea of spending $164,000 on a homecoming concert, and instead approved a $700,000 budget that bolsters spending for homecoming, a spring tradition, and a new program for student project funding.

    Even after adding additional project money, the 2013-2014 SGA budget will have a surplus of $101,900.

    This extra money will be used if House of Student Representatives members can find ways to spend it responsibly, Student Body Treasurer Cody Westphal said.

    "Generally I favor saving this money to spend in the future," Student Body President Josh Simpson said.

    Representatives added $25,000 to programming for TheCrew to develop a spring tradition, according to the budget.

    The total amount of money budgeted for homecoming 2013 is $45,000. That includes a $25,000 increase.

    Westphal said TheCrew now has the flexibility to decide what they wanted to do to improve homecoming.

    If there had been a homecoming concert, there could have been three concerts occurring in the same month: the fall concert funded by an anonymous donor, the homecoming concert, and a concert funded by Beta Upsilon Chi.

    Some SGA members suggested that three concerts in a semester could be excessive.

    “Three concerts in a month, people just aren't going to show up for that," said Ryan Tiglas, Academic Affairs Committee chairman.

    Westphal also created a student project funding program, which was given $10,000.

    This program could take the form of a contest, with students pitching ideas to SGA for campus programs, Westphal said.

    Tiglas suggested that some of the surplus could be used to help organizations who did not receive enough funding.

    "We had a lot of organizations that didn't get funding, that didn't get nearly enough, and they need the money," he said.