Opinion: Student memorial radiates many meanings


    The student memorial placed between Jarvis and Reed halls is a symbol of what TCU stands for. This single lotus leaf radiates its bronze beauty for all of the TCU community to gaze at. But what is its purpose on this gorgeous campus?

    TCU built the student memorial as a remembrance of all of the fallen members of the TCU community. This memorial is a symbol of those who may no longer be with us but who have never left the hearts of the TCU community. Its single lotus design is a play off of the four lotus leaves on Frog Fountain in the Commons. The four leaves demonstrate the passing of knowledge between the four years of the undergraduate student body. However, this one-lotus leaf design honors the role that even one person plays in our community. The three missing lotus leaves is a symbol of the void when a loved one passes away. The new memorial serves as a place of memory and community.

    “The new student memorial between Jarvis and Reed Halls is a reminder of those who have passed and how this life that we all share is so precious,” senior electrical engineering major John Thompson said. “By TCU building this remembrance memorial, it allows those who have been affected either directly or indirectly by the loss of a former student to forever remember the good they brought into this world. This act shows a dense amount of respect to the families, friends and love ones that they are not alone in their loss as the spirit of the memories lives on though this memorial.”

    TCU is honoring those lost ones and allowing the whole community to share the loss of our fallen. Through this memorial, TCU is indirectly creating moral support for those affected by the tragic loss of a loved one and lets them know that we all care. We all know what it is like to go through this, but that does not mean we have to go through it alone. The TCU community will always have our backs in such a crucial time of need. This is the meaning of our beautiful and proud new student memorial.