Summer music workshop helps young musicians strengthen their musical skills


    The TCU Summer Music Institute offered middle and high school students a chance to strengthen their musical abilities at this year’s Summer Harp Workshop.

    The workshop took place on June 19 and 20 and was directed by Dr. Laura Logan. Logan is the director of the TCU Harp Ensemble and was the founder and director of the Harpfire Summer Camp for 10 years.

    During the workshop, students participated in a variety of intense classes including solo masterclasses, ensemble rehearsals, and jazz improvisation. At the end of the two days the students performed what they had learned in the Festival Recital.

    “I was very impressed with this year’s students,” said Logan. “I was very impressed with their level of preparation as well as the amount of music they were able to learn in two days.”

    Logan created the workshop in 2012 as a way to help intermediate to advanced level harpists become better at their music. “It is my goal for the students to be able to grow as musicians as well as artists during the workshop,” said Logan.

    According to Logan, people are interested in the harp because of it’s unique sound. “No matter what level you play at, the harp will always sound beautiful. In other instruments that is not always the case,” said Logan.

    TCU’s Summer Harp Workshop is not the only harp camp in the area. The University of North Texas offers a summer masterclass, and Lewisville is home to Harp Journeys Youth Festival. Both organizations offer classes to harpists of a variety of ages and playing levels.