TCU water polo to change leadership in fall


    Junior finance major Paul Steele of Bakersfield, California will take over as captain and president of the TCU water polo team this fall.

    Steele transferred to TCU last fall from Bakersfield College and has been a part of the water polo team for the past year.

    “I’ve played [water polo] for many years and I love it,” Steele said when asked why he joined the TCU water polo team. “It is one of the most challenging sports I’ve ever played, which makes it so much fun. It's a great sport for team bonding because so much trust is required from everyone on the team.”

    That trust was instilled in him by his team after he was elected captain by a majority vote from the rest of the team after team founder and current captain Michael Romberger stepped down to study abroad in London next semester.

    “Paul is a good leader and a good person," Romberger said. "I believe he will do well as a captain and will help the team develop, not only as an athletic club, but also as a cohesive group of people."

    Steele said he thinks he has what it takes to lead the team in the right direction.

    “Over the past year and a half the water polo club has been in a building phase, and now our club is ready for league competition," Steele said. "I believe I have the ability to lead the team in its first year of league competition."

    Steele said both the men’s and women’s teams will participate in three CWPA league tournaments this fall.

    The water polo team will have another change with the addition of John Panagos as head coach.

    “We are very lucky to have a coach this year,” said Steele. “I think under his direction we will have some great practices and get into competitive shape in no time. Furthermore, he is an experienced water polo player and will bring valuable experience when leading us during competitions.”