Neeley School ranked No. 28 business school in the nation


    TCU's Neeley School of Business has been ranked the No. 28 best business school among 145 universities in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2013 Undergraduate rankings.

    With more 1,000 business schools in the country, only 145 universities made the 2013 annual survey’s rankings.

    The rankings are based on teaching quality, faculty quality and student quality as well as the school’s facilities, job and internship placement, and student services, O. Homer Erekson, John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School, said.

    In addition to the Neeley School’s qualities, Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed over 85,000 business students, with 27,652 responding, to help determine specialty rankings.

    According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the Neeley School ranked No. 6 in Entrepreneurship, 13 in Finance, 17 in Corporate Strategy, 19 in Marketing and 24 in International Business. Neeley students were ranked No. 5 overall in the student survey.

    The percentage of students securing jobs or internships after graduation was extremely high for TCU as well, with over 84.35 percent.

    For George Low, associate dean for undergraduate and international programs, these rankings help communicate to not only the TCU community, but the world how strong the Neeley School undergraduate program is. The rankings help attract excellent students, faculty and donors, he said.

    The rankings have helped TCU’s reputation with not only perspective students, but employers as well.

    “The employment base for our graduates has increased significantly over the past five years,” Erekson said. “Leading companies that weren’t originally recruiting with us now are.”