Actor, TCU alum Dennis Burkley dies


    Voice actor and 1968 TCU alumnus Dennis Henry Burkley died in his Sherman Oaks, Cali. home  Sunday. He was 67.

    Burkley, best known as the voice behind Principal Moss in King of the Hill, had roles in films such as Tin Cup, Con Air and Mask, as well as television roles in My Name is Earl and Sanford. He also co-wrote, directed and appeared in 2005's Repetition.

    According to IMDb, Burkley performed in 131 titles throughout his career.

    His family told The Hollywood Reporter that Burkley had been struggling with health issues and died in his sleep. 

    Born in Van Nuys, Cali. on Sept. 10, 1945, Burkley was raised in Grand Prairie, Texas, and graduated from Grand Prairie High School. He then graduated from TCU with a M.F.A in theater in 1968.

    Burkley moved out to Los Angeles shortly after, where he cleaned swimming pools while he began his acting career. His first credited role was in 1976's Stay Hungry, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Near the end of his career, Burkely taught acting classes in Los Angeles while keeping a recurring role in both King of the Hill and My Name Is Earl.

    Burkley is survived by his wife, Laura, his daughter Shannan and his son, Shawn.