Taco Bell relocates on Berry Street


    Those looking for a late night snack from Taco Bell will have to travel a little further than they once did- the popular Mexican fast food restaurant has relocated from 2301 Berry St. to the corner of West Berry Street and Cleburne Road.

    The new, two-story location at 1913 West Berry St. features more parking spaces and a wider drive-thru lane than the old location.

    The relocation happened at the end of June, when the lease on the old property at 2301 Berry St. expired. New zoning regulations would have meant more additions to the old restaurant, and building a new one was cheaper, according to Larry Durrett. Durrett is the president of Southern Multifoods, which owns and operates 61 Taco bell restaurants in the East Texas area, according to the Southern Multifoods website.

    Durrett said that Southern Multifoods now owns the new restaurant and the land that it sits on. A search of the Tarrant County Appraisal District confirmed that Piney Woods Restaurants, LP, a subsidiary of Southern Multifoods, owns the property.

    The new restaurant is two stories high, a decision that Durrett said was a direct result of zoning regulations.

    The Berry Street Initiative put in some very restrictive guidelines for zoning buildings, and began to require ones that were two stories,” Durrett said. “So we built as attractive a building as we could while meeting their exact specifications. The second floor will probably be used for meetings and storage space.”

    Durrett said the larger parking spaces and drive-thru lanes were not part of the zoning regulations, but were a way to accommodate the amount of Taco Bell customers that drive trucks.

    “Many people that live in rural environments pull livestock trailers, and so we asked the architects and engineers to design big radiuses for parking and the drive thru, just in case anyone is driving trailers or dual-wheeled trucks,” Durrett said.

    One TCU student said that he was surprised by the new location.

    “I’m just surprised they decided to invest a lot in that corner,” senior political science major and self-professed Taco Bell fan Eric Parikakis said. “There’s not a lot over there.”

    However, Parikiakis said that he would still be a customer at the new location.

    According to Durrett, even though the new restaurant has only been open for a few days, it has already seen an increase in daily sales from the previous location.

    “Based on the first few days, it is and will be a very busy store,” Durrett said.

    Durrett said that he thinks the old location will become a Chicken Express, “but that’s just a rumor.”