Former TCU volleyball player added to coaching staff


    A former Horned Frog volleyball player will return to the hardwood of the university Recreation Center—but this time as a coach.

    Head coach Prentice Lewis announced the return of 2010 graduate Lauren Otto as assistant coach today, according to Holly Jones previously held the position for two years.

    “Lauren Otto was a solid six rotation outside and a part of a senior group that left their mark on TCU volleyball. Being part of the best team ever in TCU history, I expect her to bring that same kind of dedication and competitiveness to her position as assistant coach,” Lewis said. “Her ties with great local clubs and high schools will have prepared her to be successful in this position.” 

    In her time as a TCU volleyball player, Otto played in 117 games, 427 sets and lettered in all of her seasons from 2006-2009, according to Otto’s career also included 1,324 points, 1,126 kills and 1,115 digs setting two all-time records.

    “I am thrilled to join the TCU volleyball program and athletics family in a new capacity,” Otto says. “As a student athlete, my experience at TCU was rich in so many ways. Earning a prestigious TCU undergraduate degree while contributing to a NCAA second round finish was amazing. I am excited to help ensure that current and future student athletes have an equally great experience. I am looking forward to working with Prentice and Jason (Tanaka) and having the chance to evolve as a coach. Competing in the Big 12 Conference and having the opportunity to influence the future of my alma mater in a positive way is a dream come true. I'm fired up to get started.”

    As a TCU volleyball record-setter, Otto spent the last three years as a volleyball coach at Arlington Sequin, Centennial and Richland High Schools.