Early morning fire alarms wake up TCU campus


    No specific cause for the campus-wide fire alarms in the early hours of Tuesday morning has been found, Craig Allen, director of housing and residence life, said.

    “We’ve not had anything ever like this in the eight years that I’ve been at TCU, and we are investigating what it was exactly that happened," Allen said.

    Allen said it is important for TCU to diagnose the problem as soon as possible because "fire safety is incredibly important."

    Alarms across campus blared at approximately 1 a.m., causing residents to evacuate their dorms.

    The alarms eventually ended and students were allowed inside their respective dorms. However, at around 1:30 a.m., alarms sounded again and sent students back outside.

    Sophomore film, television and digital media major Will Forsythe said the second alarm particularly frustrated people because they had already gone through the process of waking up and evacuating just minutes before.

    Forsythe decided to call a friend and sleep on his couch off-campus rather than wait for the alarm systems to be fixed.