Beloved Market Square cashier retires


    After eight years of acting as a "second mother" to TCU students at Market Square, cashier Lieu Nguyen has retired. 

    Nguyen, known simply as Lieu, announced Sunday that she will no longer stand at the cashier, smiling and addressing many students by name.

    "To all my TCU friend! After my vacation from the past weeks. I have finally made a decision. It's time me to go. The past 8 years at TCU have been an incredible journey, but the time has come for me to retire.You were a great friends to me. I'm sad to leave but I'm also excited to start the next chapter of my life, I want to be able to spend more time with my Family, travel to new places and meet new people. I always fond memories of happiness, love, joy the time that I have spent at TCU. I 'm so sad that I will not get to see the new faces coming to TCU this year though I'm sure I'm still get to see you eventually whenever I drop by to visits Thank you for kindness and respect you 've always shown I could'nt be more proud to share to Campus, Community an memories with you all. Good luck in you future endeavors at TCU in the next chapter of you lives! Thank you for all good time!!! LIEU !!! Ps. GO FROGS !!!" Lieu posted on her Facebook page Sunday for her 5,000 friends to see.

    Since Nguyen started working at the university, she said she has considered Market Square her "second home."

    She also said her job has always been about the students, not about money.

    “I have felt love surrounding me. I worked because I loved my job and I loved my students. Not because of the money," Nguyen said.

    She said in November that she rejected several job promotion offers in favor of developing more relationships with students.

    She said for many years she has seen herself as an "unofficial mother to all students," providing the love that students miss from home.

    "I give love to other people. I don't know if they take or not take, but I will always give. They don't have to return it, but I will always smile," Nguyen said.

    Nguyen also said she hopes students felt supported when they needed it.

    “I know people have bad days, and they may all look the same, but I can feel it. I have smiled to my students because they need it,” Nguyen said.

    Lieu said she will always be around campus.