SGA gives additional money to student organizations


    Student representatives Tuesday night agreed to move $8,305 from the Student Government Association residual fund to give additional money to student organizations.

    The money will be added to the $70,000 already set aside for the Activities Funding Board. 

    The bill was introduced by the finance committee in response to an overwhelming amount of presentations from student organizations for money. A record-breaking 77 organizations asked for a portion of the budget compared to seven last year, finance committee chairman Jeffrey Chatman said.

    The organizations requested a combined $200,000, which is $130,000 more than the budget allows, Chatman said.

    As the Activities Funding Board heard each organization’s presentation, members took into account how much money each organization needed to properly support itself.

    “What we are doing now is allocating based on need," finance committee member Burton Cowles said. "We have $100,000 or so in this residual funding that we can do with what we see fit, and this is basically what the finance committee sees fit."

    The board and the finance committee looked at every organization’s needs and ended at $78,305 for the final total, with $25,000 of the money allotted to sports clubs.

    The most given to a single organization was $5,000, and the minimum was $200. Only a few organizations were turned away for being ineligible of receiving money.

    Organizations that need more money in addition to what they received from the Activities Funding Board, can request money from the House throughout the semester. There is $30,000 set aside for extremities.

    Other items from Tuesday’s meeting:

    · The fall concert will take place Thursday, Sept. 5. The gates will open at 6 p.m., Green River Ordinance is expected to go on  at 8 p.m., and Little Big Town is expected to perform at 9 p.m.

    · A bill concerning the baseline budgets for school traditions and theCrew has been pushed to next Tuesday's meeting.