Bag checks, heat a concern for TCU Police on gameday


    At least 125 additional police officers will be patrolling Amon G. Carter Stadium at Saturday's game but fans shouldn't expect security measures that rival the NFL's. 

    No new security measures were implemented this season, said Associate Director of Athletics Ross Bailey. For the most part, he said he was happy with the way things went last year.

    TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said all bags will still undergo inspection though.

    “Any bag anybody brings in will be inspected,” he said. “If you leave the stadium and come back, that bag is still going to be checked.”

    However, McGee also said the university's policy is not a zero-tolerance policy. Bag inspectors will look for anything that can harm someone, as well as contraband, with the goal of keeping everyone safe in mind, he said.

    “We’re not going to be super restrictive,” he said. “Everything’s looked at.”

    Heat will be a bigger safety concern than disorderly conduct at the upcoming game, McGee said

    “This week we’re really concerned about medical issues because of the heat. An 11 o’clock game with no shade on either side, it’s going to be hot," he said. "We always see a lot of increased medical issues the first few games. We’ve got extra water coming in and extra medical on standby.”

    McGee also said that in general, he was happy with the way security went last year, except for a few issues during one game.

    “The only problem last year, I think the Kansas State game at night, some students were throwing objects on the field," McGee said. "The referees were actually saying if this goes on, they’ll penalize this TCU team."

    “Usually, our fans are well-behaved, good sports and classy,” said McGee.