Class of 2017 student representatives take oath of office


    Newly elected Class of 2017 student representatives John Paul Watson and Ernest Dominick attended their first Student Government Association meeting Tuesday night. 

    The Class of 2017 voted Watson and Dominick into office, and both said they are looking forward to reaching out and solving problems for their class. 

    Dominick, a first-year journalism major, said his goal for the year is to do what he put in his election platform. A main point included working on eliminating the group mentality that he said he sees on campus. 

    “I think that college is a place where people from different backgrounds can just come and connect with one another without barriers," he said. "I think that we should eliminate cliques and get to know other people because in the real world, it’s not like that."

    Watson, a first-year political science major, is ready to take on his role in SGA and push legislation that his class sees fit.

    “I think it is an outstanding opportunity to represent the voice of the freshman class and serve the legitimate wants and needs of the Class of 2017,” Watson said.

    Student Body President Cody Westphal said he is looking forward to working with all of the student representatives this year, including those from the Class of 2017.

    “I know both of these guys personally, and I couldn’t be happier with their election," Westphal said. "I know that they are going to do an amazing job. We’re very lucky to have these two guys sitting here and to be our colleagues for the year.”

    Other items from Tuesday night’s meeting:

    • The minutes were approved from the past two House meetings.
    • After talking with Chancellor Victor Boschini, Westphal announced that SGA is back in charge of the fall concert next year.