Female student reports attempted abduction


    TCU Police said Wednesday that a female student reported that someone tried to abduct her around noon.

    According to the crime alert, an unknown male pulled over and demanded that the student get into his car.

    The student said that while walking east on Lowden Street toward Forest Park Boulevard, a black male driving a blue Ford Escape approached her and asked if she was OK. The suspect then told the student that she needed to get into his car, according to the email.

 Although the student continued to walk, the suspect continued to demand that she get into his car.

    After the student told a male student nearby, the suspect stared for a moment before driving away. 

    The suspect is described as being overwieght and 40 to 45 years old, according to the email.

    The message reminded students to always walk with an acquaintance and to never get into a car with a stranger and tips on how to escape from a vehicle.