Rugby Club looking to win at second round of Southwest Conference


    The TCU Rugby Club is heading into the second week of Southwest Conference play in need of its first big win of the season.

    The Horned Frogs play North Texas, Stephen F. Austin and Texas State on Saturday at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. Both the club's rookie and veteran teams went 1-2 against North Texas and Stephen F. Austin to open the season.

    Senior Joridan Sele said the team went into the tournament feeling as though they were the team to beat. But the Frogs lacked chemistry once they were on the field.

    “The whole group of us haven’t spent that much time playing together yet,” he said.

    The team remains confident, though. Head coach Shay Flowers said the Frogs would use the losses from last Saturday as a learning experience moving forward. To Flowers, the pieces for success are in place. Now it is just time for TCU to take the next step, he said.

    “This game was a building block,” he said. “The players have been given all the tools through coaching and practices. Now it’s time to execute.”

    Coach Toby Teakell said some of the most consistent plays came from Ke’Arruis Brunson, whose big hits brought an edge to the rookie team.

    On the premiere side, Connor O’Modhrain brought great speed and skills to the tournament, Teakell said. This was also O’Modhrain’s first tournament game.

    “He’s definitely one of the fastest guys in this conference,” Teakell said.

    Teakell said the team’s biggest strengths are aggressiveness and size. Nathan Schieffer impressed both Teakell and Flowers as he led the team in scoring for both the veteran and rookie teams in his first SWC tournament.

    Flowers said conditioning, defense and communication are the team’s main focus at practice this week as they prepare for the second round of the SWC.

    The team plans to "turn up the fire" and make strides towards taking a championship title this year, Teakell said.

    “If someone on the field is going to give their all, I need to do the same,” Sele said. “Everyone’s ready to step up.”


    The men's rugby team plays Saturday, Sept. 20, 2013 at 10:40 a.m., Gateway Park.