TCU hockey drops its first game of the season to UNT


    Following the 11-0 loss against the University of North Texas Friday night, the sound of clapping echoed down the hallway of the ice rink from the TCU locker room.

    Head coach Derrell Upton said the round of applause was for the goaltender, Thomas Scoggin, who faced almost 50 shots on the night.

    “We were proud of him because he didn’t quit and kept us in the game as long as he could,” Upton said.

    Scoggin, a former amateur hockey player, said he was frustrated throughout the night.

    “I lost count after four [goals],” Scoggin said.

    He said if a goalie doesn’t treat each period like a new game, he’d go crazy.

    UNT scored six goals in the second period, two of which were scored in a matter of 14 seconds. TCU hit the locker room trailing 9-0.

    Upton said there was no yelling or screaming in the locker room in between periods. He discussed what the team needed to work on and how to make the adjustments, emphasizing not to give up. 

    The Frogs did not quit.

    Only two pucks passed Scoggin in the third period, the least amount of goals scored in a period for the Mean Green. 

    “Very easily these guys could have quit and we went out there and had the best period of the game,” Upton said. “I’m very proud of them for doing that cause that’s hard to do when you know the game is out of reach and you still have something to play for.”

    Team captain Michael Authier said he felt the presence of the new players on the ice and sees the team coming together.

    He said team chemistry affects how well the team passes on the ice. Last season, he would pass the puck and not know where his teammate would be but now he knows someone will be there.

    “One practice and we’ll be that much more prepared,” Authier said.

    Upton said the outcome of the game is what he expected but he knows the team is going to get better with time and practice.

    Conditioning was the main focus in practices leading up to the first game of the season but now the team will spending more time on defensive zone systems, penalty kill strategies and faceoff tactics.

    “It was all just a gauge to see where we are and now we see that we have a lot of work to do,” Upton said. “Now going forward in practices, we can isolate those problems we have and correct them and we’ll be better next time.”

    TCU dropped its first game of the season while UNT remains undefeated with a 4-0 record.

    Next weekend, TCU has a two-game series against Texas Tech at the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills. On Friday, the first puck drops at 8:30 p.m. The Saturday game has been changed to 4:30 p.m.