Conservative student newspaper to launch early October


    In an effort to increase political awareness on campus, students have founded a newspaper called The Purple Patriot.

    Isabel “Booey” Mittelstadt, a junior political science and film, television and digital media double major, said her upbringing in a politically-engaged home and her recent internship in Washington, D.C. motivated her to act on her dream of starting a newspaper.

    With a staff of 17, The Purple Patriot plans to print its first issue Oct. 1, she said. Mittelstadt said the paper will feature conservative views, but is also open to discussion.

    “It’s not Republican, it’s conservative,” she said. "Anyone will be able to pick it up and read about what’s going on. We want to create a conversation but not a monopoly.”

    Dana Scott, a sophomore nutrition major, is on the staff of The Purple Patriot. Scott said the newspaper's intent is to help students grasp the importance of government decisions.

    “People do not recognize the fact that politics affect us all,” she said. “As an American, it’s our responsibility to know what’s going on and step up and do something.”

    Bud Kennedy, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, said it is important for a new paper to focus equally on finding a distinct voice and on profits. 

    “I’m thrilled that people care enough about public affairs to talk and write about it from any point of view,” he said. “I would caution them that starting a newspaper is a very quick education in free enterprise.”

    Mittelstadt missed this semester’s deadline to receive a portion of the funding allocated to student organizations by the SGA Activities Funding Board. She said finding an alternative source of financial support has been challenging.

    “We have been contacting so many people for advertising, and when you only get a few responses back it can be discouraging,” she said. “Once we get the first few issues out, we know it will be easier.”

    To get involved with The Purple Patriot, email