Fort Worth bookstore closings could bring more sales to TCU Barnes & Noble


    The closing of two Fort Worth Barnes & Noble bookstores could result in higher sales at the TCU location of the bookstore, David Deason, vice president of development at Barnes & Noble, said.

    Soon, Deason said the stores at University Park Village and Sundance Square will close.

    The university Barnes & Noble, located at the intersection of University Drive and Berry Street, will still operate as usual and might draw some of the other bookstore's customers, Deason said.

    Deason said the two closings will have some positive impact on sales at the university store, but it will not be too significant.This might be due to the fact that the university's Barnes & Noble is not like a typical store, he said.

    He explained that the retail bookstores differ from the campus store primarily by the merchandise that is offered in the different facilities.

    The university bookstore sells a limited amount of trade material, such as fiction and literature, and is geared more toward the university’s requirements, Deason said.

    He related the retail Barnes & Noble stores to the campus store by comparing a Dick’s Sporting Goods store to a Dillard’s department store.

    “It’s like if you had a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and a Dillard’s, and the Dillard’s closes. Both stores sell apparel, but the bulk of Dillard’s apparel sales wouldn’t necessarily be sporting related material," Deason said.

    A statement from Karen Skrasek, general merchandise manager at the university Barnes & Noble, said the store is more than just a campus bookstore and the staff is excited to welcome the broader Fort Worth community.

    The elimination of the two Fort Worth stores might not bring a permanent influx of customers though, Deason said.

    During his 24 years with the bookseller, Deason said he has relocated stores in the same market multiple time, and he wouldn't pass off the idea of another retail store opening later on.

    “We don’t have anything in the works now, but I just know that market will provide another opportunity down the road,” he said.