Froggie Five-O: an escort with a wait


    For students using the TCU police department’s Froggie Five-O escort service, waiting more than 10 minutes for a cart to arrive is not uncommon.

    Laura Rebeles, a junior business information systems major, said she once waited for Froggie Five-O for more than 25 minutes

    “At that point, we ended up walking to the GrandMarc, which is where I used to live,” she said.

    Rebeles said she and her friends were at a parking lot across campus, about ten minutes from the GrandMarc.

    Froggie Five-O, created in 1996 with four or five student drivers, currently escorts more than 3,000 students per month, according to its website. Drivers from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. to transport callers safely to their destination.

    But Froggie Five-O riders are not the only ones waiting. Tudor Bourne, a Froggie Five-O supervisor, said drivers often have to wait for passengers and collectively deal with about 20 no-shows per night.

    “Sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes it’s 10 minutes and sometimes they never show up,” he said.

    In regard to passengers having to wait awhile to get where they need to be, Bourne said he has hardly ever heard any complaints.

    “Very rarely do I hear girls that we pick up actually say anything,” he said. “I know in the past that if girls had any complaints, they’ll usually say something to the TCU police. I know that if a girl doesn’t have anyone pick them up, they’ll probably leave and walk.”

    Although Froggie Five-O riders may not complain to their drivers, they have stories to tell.

    “Usually they tell me that it’s backed up and that they haven't forgotten about me but they're not able to come immediately,” Rebeles said.

    While the wait for Froggie Five-O is frustrating to many, Bourne and the TCU police department said it can be eliminated.

    Bourne says riders should call Froggie Five-O dispatch and request a ride more than “three minutes,” before they need to arrive to their location. The TCU police advise calling Froggie Five-O from your car before arriving on campus so a cart will be waiting in the parking lot.

    Students with concerns about the service or questions about how to minimize the wait can call Froggie Five-O at (817) 257-5856 during operating hours or Officer Pam Christian during the day at (817) 257-7276.