Fall concert back in the hands of SGA


    The stage is assembled, and the lights and sound system are added to bring it to life. A lot of time and money are invested in the fall concert to ensure it is a success.

    For the past two years, an anonymous source funded the fall concert through the Chancellor’s office. Before the donor decided to fund the concert, it was up to the Student Government Association’s to fund and sponsor the event.

    Blake Shelton and Little Big Town took the stage on the donor's dollar, but now the concert is back in the hands of SGA.

    “It is one of the only times when the entire student body comes together to enjoy something as a community,” Student Body President Cody Westphal said.

    SGA has wanted control of the concert for the past two years, Westphal said.

    “SGA is glad to take it off the hands of the administration and allow them to contribute time to other things,” he said.

    Westphal said with the concert now in the hands of SGA, it will be better for the students.

    “SGA will know what the students want,” James Wilkinson, a junior business major, said. “TCU will be able to get different [performers] that students will want to see.”

    Due to the sponsor change, students will have the ability to find and book a band.

    “The experience of finding and planning a concert, will be a great opportunity for student leaders to grow,” Westphal said.

    When talking about plans for next year's fall concert, Westphal said they would get the students body’s opinion for which artist they would prefer to see on stage. SGA plans on doing this by putting together a focus group, Westphal said.

    The focus group will include a wide variety of students on campus. SGA plans to have a discussion with the group to get input on the decision, Westphal said.

    Robert Connor, a junior business major, said in the past, SGA could have done a better job utilizing the students' opinions, and he likes the idea of the focus groups.

    “If you want to represent the students, you have to talk with them and get their personal opinion about [the artist]," he said.

    Westphal said that with a discussion, students will be able to compromise on an artist rather than holding a general vote. SGA’s main goal is to get an artist that satisfies everyone, Westphal said.