Women’s lacrosse picks up steam


    After two years of inactivity, the women’s club lacrosse team has been revived and is proving to be a popular addition to the university club sports program.

    This year 36 women signed up to play lacrosse in the spring. Practices have already started and team president Catherine Sandusky, a sophomore early childhood education major, said she is excited about the skill level of the players.

    “We have a lot of girls that played competitively in high school and could have gone on to play in college but chose TCU for the academics,” she said.

    Sandusky said the players are drawn from a wide geographic range. Many played high school lacrosse in California, Florida and various states up and down the East Coast, she said.

    Cristie Carpenter, the associate director of programs for Campus Recreation, said she understands the tall task of running a club team.

    “They are starting with no money from the Student Government Association because they have had an inactive status due to [lack of] participation the past two years,” she said.

    Carpenter said the team has not yet hired a head coach or come up with a uniform design.

    “The hardest part is getting everyone to respond to emails and make sure people know about practice times,” she said.

    Carpenter said she is optimistic about the new team, and was impressed by the level of commitment from the women.

    “The key is not to do everything yourself. Have people on the team help you with the logistics,” she said.

    Team member Scout Wolfe, a first-year speech language pathology major, said she is enjoying playing at the university.

    “The experience of playing at TCU has overall been great. Even though we don't have a official coach yet, practice has been fun getting to know my other team mates and bonding with them. We definitely keep each other accountable during practice,” Wolfe said.

    The team will play in the Texas Women’s Lacrosse League and will compete against other universities across the state.

    Practices are on Fridays at 3 p.m. at the intramural fields.