Former TCU students team up to conquer dream job


    Two alumni sports broadcasting majors are trying to work their way up the world of media starting in Goodland, Kansas.

    Brice Kesler, a 2011 graduate, and Beau Tiongson, a 2013 graduate, started the Three Man Weave, a sports talk show on KTCU 88.7 The Choice.

    After graduating from TCU, Kesler and Tiongson had the opportunity to restart what they began two years ago, hosting a sports talk show together.

    The Morning Blitz, the morning sports talk show that Tiongson and Kesler host, is on Rocking M Radio.

    Amidst laughing and reminiscing about the past, Tiongson and Kesler took time out of their busy schedule to talk about their experiences post graduation at the radio station.

    Kesler is the sports director for five radio stations at Rocking M Radio, and Tiongson is the news director for those same five radio stations.

    The alumni said they put in a lot of hard work every day at the radio stations.

    “I get here bright and early, every single day at 5:15 in the morning,” Tiongson said. “My sleep pattern transitioning from college to this has been very difficult.”

    Although he is the news director, Tiongson said hopes to get back into sports full time in the future. Until then, he occasionally calls high school football and basketball games with Kesler and helps out with sports when he can.

    Both men said they hope to be the voice of athletics at a major university one day.

    The alumni also had advice for students after graduation, stating that if students want something, they need to go out and “get it.”

    “Never say no to any job offer even if it’s free,” Tiongson said. “You have to sacrifice and get the work done.”

    Kesler said that you have to be willing to do the “dirty work” if you want to move up in any industry.

    “TCU is such an awesome place and people are doing great things with their careers but it’s not that simple,” Kesler said. “You got to start from the bottom earn your respect and work your way up and it can be a long process sometimes but you have to start somewhere.”

    During their time at the university, Kesler and Tiongson said they thank Charles LaMendola, professor of film, television and digital media and sports broadcasting, for helping guide them through their college career.

    “When I first got to TCU in 2009, one of the first people I met was Chuck LaMendola,” Tiongson said.

    Tiongson said LaMendola was someone who has watched their journey unfold and has known Kelser and Tiongson for almost six years.

    “I can tell when students are here whether or not they have a chance, and both of those guys were kids that you knew would take advantage of their opportunities and work really hard,” LaMendola said.