Menu makeover for The Big Purple Truck


    The Big Purple Truck’s menu will be getting a makeover in the upcoming weeks.

    The Big Purple Truck is a food truck run by Chef Tim Love that operates around TCU’s campus. Love is also the owner of other restaurants, including the Woodshed Smokehouse, the Love Shack, and the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, according to the Big Purple Truck’s Facebook.

    The BPT offers menu items that are inspired by food from Love’s other restaurants but have been altered to dishes that are more food truck friendly, like sandwiches and tacos.

    A lot of things have been taken into consideration by the chefs on the BPT while making their new menu, Head Chef Vernon Bates said. The main things the chefs try to pay attention to are convenience for students, affordability and, most importantly, deliciousness.

    Evan Jacobsen, a retail manager at TCU who works with the BPT, said the BPT team is hoping the new menu will help them “come out of the gate strong for year two and wow the new freshman on campus, and also offer something new for our returning customers.”

    When asked about what the new menu might look like, the chefs said they are trying to keep it a surprise until its release.

    But the BPT crew has given a few hints.

    “We constantly hear about how amazing the tacos are at restaurants around campus, so we wanted to show off a little bit and become a player in the taco game…all I can say is think Torchy’s Taco with a Chef Tim Love twist,” Jacobsen said.

    But not to worry, if the new menu does not have one of your old favorites, that dish will not necessarily be gone forever.

    “The great thing about the BPT and the versatility of our team is that we have the ability to bring back menu items on short notice," Jacobsen said. "So, ultimately nothing is completely off the menu.”

    “In the lab, we try to fit the recipes to our students,” Bates said. "The goal is to please the students and make good food."

    “Every week we sit down with TCU Student Dining Committee, and they give us amazing feedback and suggestions," Jacobsen said. "They serve as a controlled voice of the student body."

    "If you want or need anything, come find us or check out the Dining Committee.”

    To keep up with the BPT and the unveiling of their new menu, follow them on Twitter @bptTCU.